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My flash fiction novella A Tricky Dance was published by Alien Buddha on 7 January 2024. Copies can be purchased from Amazon in the UK and USA or if you would like a signed copy, you can purchase directly from me.

Signed copies are available for a cost of £7.50 (or £9.00 to include postage within the UK). Please email me for international postage costs.

If you would like to purchase all three of my novellas-in-flash (An Inheritance, Finding a Way & A Tricky Dance), they are available as job lot for £20 including UK postage. Please email me for international costs. 


If you would like to buy a copy, or have any other queries please email me at

You can hear me read two stories from the novella-in-flash here








A Tricky Dance is a delightful immersion into the life of Elspeth, a 1970s young teenager always on the edge of not belonging, but never giving up. The day-to-day situations Elspeth negotiates at school and at home are vividly depicted and realistic. Diane Simmons is brilliant at showing the ups and downs of friendships and life in a single parent family and how Elspeth’s longing to dance is finally realised. From the first page, you’ll be with this feisty, yet sensitive girl all the way.

~Jude Higgins, writer and Director of Ad Hoc Fiction


Diane Simmons explores the tricky dance of adolescence in this affecting novella-in-flash. My heart ached for Elspeth whose tough as nails exterior hides a young girl’s yearning to fit in. As the story concludes, Elspeth begins to find her place on the dance floor, with this reader cheering her on. Endearing, moving, satisfying.

~Damhnait Monaghan, author of the award-winning novel New Girl in Little Cove












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