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I have stories in the following anthologies:


The 2013 National Flash Fiction Day anthology includes my story Images

Eating My Words


The 2014 National Flash Fiction Day anthology includes my story Launch Pad

Flashes of Fiction


The Worcestershire Literary Festival anthology includes my flash stories Grounded, Another Country and Not a Bean

Hysteria 3

Hysteria 3 includes my runner up flash stories A Day or Two and A Delicate Operation.

Fifty Flashes of Fiction


Fifty Flashes of Fiction includes my flash stories Playing House and Moving On.

Seaglass and Other Stories

The Black Pear Short Story Competition anthology, Seaglass and Other Stories includes my story Stopping In.


The 2015  NFFD anthology Landmarks contains my micro competion prize-winning story A Weekend Away

A Stash of Flashes

A Stash of Flashes includes my flash stories From Memory, A New Route and Art Appreciation.

A Box of Stars Beneath the Bed

The 2016 NFFD anthology includes my story A Collection

A Cache of Flashes

A Cache of Flashes includes my stories Deposed and Searching.

On the Day of the Dead



On the Day of the Dead includes my story 'Like A Mother'.

The Write Path


The Write Path includes my prizewinning micro flash story Robbed.

To Carry Her Home

The Bath Flash Fiction Award anthology To Carry Her Home includes my story Closing the Door

Sleep is a Beautiful Colour

The 2017 NFFD anthology Sleep is a Beautiful Colour includes my story Dancing Partners

What Was Left

The Retreat West anthology What was Left includes my shortlsted story Saturday Nights.


The Worcs Lit Fest Flash Anthology Wired includes my stories

Ballet Class, Freedom of Expression and Home Comforts.

The Bath Flash anthology The Lobsters Run Free includes my story Six Months Yesterday.

The Paper Swans anthology Flash, I love You contains my previously published story A Weekend Away

The 2017 NFFD anthology Ripening includes my story 'A Picnic in the Park'

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